About me — or The Constant Search


As a journalist, copywriting and copyediting have always been natural areas for my development. I love the challenge of seeing through a copy, giving it a soul, analyzing the impact of every word, making it the best version it could be.

Until one day, nine years ago, I decided to volunteer to partner up with the Marketing department of the online newsroom where I was a sub-editor. The idea was to bring insights from the marketing campaigns and the website analytics to the journalists. Another goal was to optimize our content for users searching related topics on Google; something I learned was called SEO. It was love at first sight.

I found my calling in the idea of combining the creative and research skills of journalism with the strategic thinking of digital marketing. I decided to shift my career, left journalism behind, and never looked back.

This mix of art and science continues to fascinate me — and, to me, it is never as challenging as when it comes to Search Marketing. I became a specialist in Search Marketing, both SEO and SEM, and have acquired a lot of experience with content strategy and marketing localization in the way.

I have experience working with digital marketing, search marketing and marketing localization for companies like Amazon and Booking.com. I manage Google Ads accounts and SEO strategy for several clients, from real estate to kid’s clothing.

I have 3 pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) and I love scuba diving.

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