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Is GEO the new SEO?

The big sensation in the non-coronavirus related news this week for marketers is that Facebook has announced it is buying Giphy, a popular platform of sharable Gifs, for $400 million. Amid privacy and antitrust concerns, the news invites to a reflection about alternative marketing methods.

Giphy claims to reach over 700 million people a day, and it is considered the second largest search engine in the world (for total searches), behind Google. The number of users and searches have created a new segment inside the SEO world: the GIF Engine Optimization (GEO).

If at first, only the entertainment industry (like movies and TV series) saw the value of the content, now companies have realized the potential of having their brands shared organically in GIFs to millions of users, adding logos and creating their content.

Giphy search mechanism is based on algorithms that rank the content in the search results, just like Google. SEOers are being asked to adapt their knowledge of search engine optimization to become GEOers, as making your brand’s content rank high for relevant keywords means earning millions of views and impressions.

GIF marketing can be seen as a fad to more traditional marketers. But consider the risks if your competition doesn’t think like that.

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