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Practicing active social media listening

Social media is increasingly important in the customer decision process when it comes to traveling. A 2014 research found that that 44% of travelers aged 18 to 34 used social media for travel planning. A 2013 Nielsen survey with travelers using social media to make travel plans found that only 48% stuck with their original ideas, and 33% switched hotels. This new reality means that hotel chains need not only to be present in social media channels — they also need to be listening.

One example of a company investing in social listening is Hilton Hotels. A case study about Hilton and social listening shows that the brand receives 1.5 thousand Twitter mentions every day. According to the study, while the average reply time for brands in Twitter is 10 hours, Hilton Hotels answers on average 3.3 tweets in one hour, and the time between a tweet and a response is around 37 minutes.

The social media management from Hilton is betting on social listening to connect with its customers. By actively listening and replying to what users are saying about the brand, Hilton can control the narrative around its services and image and influence customers in their decision process for future travels.

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