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Brand personality as a differential

The way consumers perceive a brand can be translated into traits or characteristics that define a brand personality. One example of a brand that used personality as a differentiator from competitors is Apple, with the famous Mac vs. PC campaign. 

The campaign, called “Get a Mac,” was launched in 2006 and starred John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac. The actors were made to look like the personality of the computers they were representing: Justin Long as a young, cool, and fun guy, while John Hodgman was an older, uptight, and boring guy. The commercials show Mac and PC having conversations about different topics, with Mac showing why he is a better computer, while PC often embarrasses himself.

This campaign shows how highlighting distinctive personality traits can make a brand stand out in the crowd. Brand personality is an important aspect to lead to brand equity, the level of brand loyalty in which the customer is willing to pay more for a branded product.

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