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The importance of audience segmentation

Segmentation is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful Social Media strategy. In Merkle’s “The Rise of Platform Marketer,” segmentation is defined as aggregating consumers into groups that will respond similarly to a specific marketing mix within a particular set of circumstances.

In order to influence the buying decision, segments should be based on the customer journey process, not only attitudes or behaviors. Marketers should get insights from customer values, needs, behaviors, relationships, interests, psychographics, and media usage. Once you have identified your audience, manage your content strategy accordingly. Create separate campaigns that raise empathy with your segments and send consistent and constant communication. 

The last step is to use analytics to monitor the results of your segmentation and understand how your persuasion efforts are resonating with different segments. To sum up, you should make audience segmentation the base of your social media strategy and create an ongoing conversation with all your segments to be successful.

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