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Storytelling with data visualization tools

Data visualization is a powerful tool to create convicting storytelling based on numbers and to get deeper insights. When you consider that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, it becomes easy to understand why.

One case that proves the point is the news organization Civil Beat. The company wanted to understand the user engagement on their site, and how readers reacted to the content. They decided to use Tableau connected to Google Analytics data to provide data visualization.

The consulting company Blast Analytics identified the relevant metrics based on business questions like how many times an article is read, the most popular categories, subscriber retention, and churn. Using Tableau, the data became a visual report for the editorial and management teams sharing actionable and digestible data. The numbers can be drilled down to granular levels like articles, categories, and author.

With data visualization, numbers generated insights that then inspired actions to optimize retention and acquisition initiatives, such as identifying themes that can resonate with readers community. This is how data visualization tools can be relevant to any business.


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