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How and Why to Connect Google Ads Data to Tableau

An essential part of maintaining your search marketing campaigns is to apply learnings from your performance to guarantee efficiency moving forward. With the amount of data available in Google Ads reports, it can be hard to drill down the numbers and get deeper insights. This is why you should use data visualization tools, such as Tableau, to make it easier to analyze the big picture and to go to the granular level of where to find improvements.

Connecting Tableau and Google Ads is easy: under Connect, click “More” on section To a Server and select Google Ads. Sign in using your Google Ads credentials and select Allow to authorize Google Ads to share your data with Tableau. 

In Tableau Desktop, select your account and your Customer ID, and then click the pre-defined report and data filters. After you select the data columns you want to see in the report, click Connect. Tableau will import the data based on your choices during the connection stage. If you are not very familiar with the tool, Tableau offers dashboard templates that can help you get started. 

Use Tableau to navigate different layers of data granularity, like how your campaigns are trending over time, KPI changes, or use filters to analyzed branded and non-branded keywords. Exploring multidimensional data will help you keep your budget under control, adjust your manual bids, analyze the efficiency of keywords and test different strategies. 

You can find Google Ads under “More…” in the option Connect To a Server
Use your Google Ads credentials to log in and select the type of report and data you want to export to Tableau

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