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How content marketing can help achieve brand resonance

Achieving brand resonance is the ultimate goal of a marketer. Resonance is the highest level in a brand-building strategy, and it means creating a relationship with customers in which they feel deeply connected with the brand.

In the Brand Resonance Model created by Keller, there are three levels a brand needs to go through before achieving Resonance: salience, performance and imagery, and judgment and feelings. Salience refers to establishing awareness and identity, while performance and imagery relate to satisfying customer’s needs and wants. Judgment and feelings consider customers’ personal opinions and emotional responses.

It is a long way to get to Resonance, and even well-established brands make a continuous effort to stay there. Take Disney, for example. Disney’s brand awareness is practically universal. It offers high-quality products and services in performance, and it has built an image associated with fun, family, and entertainment in a magical universe. Customers have very positive opinions and feelings towards Disney, making it a synonym of excitement and happiness. This adoration results in a high level of Resonance.

Disney also shows how content marketing can make all the difference to create loyalty from customers. For example, the website Oh My Disney, which brings news on the company’s movies and productions, has a page dedicated exclusively to quizzes. Characters and movies become themes of questionnaires like Which Two Pixar Characters Are You A Combination Of? or Guess The Disney Movie From The Dialogue At The 45 Minute Mark.

The strategy is brilliant: it leverages on the popularity of Disney content and creates an opportunity to engage with customers. Research by BuzzSumo and Moz on content sharing and linking shows that quizzes are a great tool to get social media shares.

With the quiz page, Disney used content marketing to create highly shareable content in an authentic way. This strategy is brand resonance on full force: it increases the personal attachment of the customer, creates a sense of community through content, and makes customers happy to invest their time in a delightful and meaningful experience. After all, who can resist the urge to tell the world what Disney princess you are?

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