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Search as a Branding Strategy

Building your brand is one of the most important jobs of a marketer, and few marketers realize that Search can be a critical asset for that mission.

Search marketing can help in brand management by impacting customers literally at the moment they are searching for brand-relevant topics. With Search, marketers have a tool to generate repeated exposure through the SERP (search engine results page) by coordinating both organic (SEO) and paid search strategies, thus creating brand awareness. 

A comprehensive keyword plan for paid search bidding and organic content optimization can also create strong associations with valuable terms, categories, and consumptions cues.

Data by Google and Greenberg has shown that 88% of consumers prefer brands that provide helpful information during their research phase, but only 47% of brands do customize content to provide that help. 

At the same time, Search Marketing can also work to reinforce a positive brand image. One possibility is the creation of paid ad campaigns targeting searches related to brand attributes and benefits. 

Olay did precisely that when they decided to engage their audience with search ads that would answer implied questions — for example, searches for “dark circles under eyes” would trigger ads explaining what causes that condition and lead to a page with information and solutions. 

Search Marketing used as part of a brand managing strategy gives marketers a powerful resource to influence big decisions in all micro-moments in the customer journey and experience. All brands can apply it to their approach to increase awareness and influence their image.

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