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The Year in Search and Data Visualization

Google has just released The Year in Search for 2019, a report that shows the keywords most searched for in different topics throughout the year. In the US, Disney Plus, the new streaming service by Disney, was the top search term for 2019, followed by actor Cameron Boyce, rapper Nipsey Hussle, and Hurricane Dorian

The report has some amusing trends: Baby Yoda was the most searched for baby, shepherd’s pie was the most searched for recipe, and what is area 51 was the “what is…” winner. Google also released a video version on the search theme of the year: heroes.

For marketers, Google gathered the most insightful data in an in-depth report. The company highlights five main topics: new media channels, loyalty versus immediacy, new digital consumer journeys, and privacy.

With The Year in Search, Google shows that presentations based on data don’t have to be boring, no matter how deep you go in the numbers. There are different ways to present data insights and to make it engaging to the audience. It is a good lesson for SEO reports: endless lists of keywords and graphs with KPIs will take you nowhere, but if you make it into a story, you will win your audience.

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