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AI as a tool for marketers

It is already a Black Friday tradition to check what will be the new prank played by Cards Against Humanity. And it was not different in 2019: for 16 hours, the team of writers of the infamous game battled artificial intelligence (AI) to see who could write the better new pack of cards. 

The AI algorithm was trained using brainstorming documents from the writer’s room. In the end, the company announced thatThe writers sold 2% more packs, so their jobs will be replaced by automation later instead of right now.

Sky has also been testing AI: in this case, to offer movie selections by mood. The editorial team used keywords for classification, and the AI model connected feelings and keywords to organize the catalog by mood. The idea is to use AI more extensively in the future.

Marketing is still only scratching the surface of all the possibilities that AI can offer. Instead of being afraid of the jobs that can disappear with it, marketers should be learning how to better work with it.

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