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How to do Search Marketing with the end in mind

There is a concept from marketing research that can be extremely useful for search marketing strategy: design with the end in mind. This concept is a way of approaching research planning and research design decisions using the final result as a kind of compass. If you have a clear picture of the data points you wish to present in your final report, and why that data is relevant, all your decisions will align with your research objectives.

What about search marketing? If you define your search ad with the end in mind, you will perform better and get more qualified traffic. To do that, instead of creating one-size-fits-all copy and keywords lists, focus on the motivations driving search behaviors.

One brand that illustrates the concept of search marketing with the end in mind is Olay. They studied the motivations behind customer behavior and concluded that the best way to engage their audience was to answer implied questions. The result was a higher click-through rate, lower cost, and an increase in site conversions.

Design with the end in mind is a way of making sure that you have all you need to answer your marketing research question. It is a tool to guarantee that you are covering all the bases in your strategy and planning. And that, in the end, you will have all the information you need, so your research results in meaningful decisions.

Search marketing with the end in mind means positioning your search ads to create a dialogue with the customer. Your purpose is being the perfect answer to your audience’s searching moment. Your goal is to define how your ad copy, your landing page experience, and your keywords list will place you there.

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