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How to pitch Search Marketing services

Imagine you need to do an elevator pitch to sell your Google Ads management service for a potential client. What would you tell them? Here are three tips to consider for your Search Marketing pitch.

1. Focus on the benefits

The first selling point is to show your potential client why search is a good strategy. Don’t spend your time trying to explain how Google Ads works. Focus on what your client will care about: how the spending on Google will be translated into more traffic to their website, how the the audience can be as specific as they want, and how they will only pay for the clients they will get. Don’t get attached to the details or the technical terminology. Make them see how Search Marketing is unique to what they need and are willing to pay.

2. Explain the necessary info

Explain features on Google Ads in a high level. Make it clear that your client will only be showing ads for people already actively searching on Google for themes related to their business. Reinforce that the ads will show up in the exact moment that potential clients are interested and searching for it. Highlight that you will be offering clients an answer, not a spam or an intrusive advertising. And say that you can pause campaigns at any time and adjust the budget according to their needs.

3. Go for the kill

Reinforce your call to action by showing how surgically precise Search can be. You can choose your target audience based on age, location, day of the week, and even time to best advertise. For example, you can advertise during business hours only. Explain again how they will only pay when people take action (click or call). Add that they will know exactly how they are spending their money. Remember that the targeting features can guarantee qualified leads and exclude unqualified traffic. Tell them to consider customer’s lifetime value and the potential number of new customers they can get from Google Ads, all while controlling the cost. 

Then take a breath and leave time for them to ask questions. 

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