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How to organize your Google Ads campaign based on consumer needs

One of the most confusing things for a new user of Google Ads is how to organize your account. In my experience, creating different Ad Groups is the best way to go to keep control of your performance without losing track of all the elements. Google has some helpful tips on how to do it here.

Once you feel comfortable navigating through different Ad Groups, another suggestion is to follow the structure of the consumer needs. The concept is the result of research from Google and Kantar on the motivations driving search behaviors. According to the study, you can apply to search six canonical consumer needs: Surprise Me, Help Me, Reassure Me, Educate Me, Impress Me, and Thrill Me.

You can make your Google Ads campaigns more efficient if you organize them in Ad Groups based on these six needs. What are the ones that relate more to your brand, service, or product? How can you align your keywords strategy to each of these moments? How can you adapt your copy according to each need? Can you use the “Help Me” need to drive traffic to your FAQ page? What about a campaign using “Impress me” as a theme to show your product line?

Search is part of every step of the way in the consumer journey. Use the needs to understand search intention better and organize your Google Ads campaign in a way that it is easier for your consumers to find answers — and for you to improve your performance.

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