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Keyword segmentation for your Search Marketing campaign

The keyword research is a fundamental part of any Search Marketing strategy, but, when it comes to Paid Ads, keywords decide where you are going to be spending your budget. For this reason, keyword segmentation is one of the hardest but most important steps for your Google Ads optimization. Your segmentation will make your campaigns easier to manage and give clarity to your results.

Segmentation per match type

Your keyword strategy should have different levels of segmentation. The basic is the match type: broad match, broad match modified, phrase match, or exact match. Think about search intent and use tools like the Keyword Planner to get ideas. 

Google your main keywords, see the results and ads, check the top ranking websites. Pay attention to Google Snippets, the copy that Google shows as part of the results page, the related searches, the related terms on Google Trends. Then divide the list and think of different matches. You can create your campaign according to the keyword match or create a healthy mix of each for each campaign.


SKAG segmentation

One strategy that deserves attention is the Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs), ad groups with one main exact match keyword. For example: if your main keyword is personal trainer in Miami, create your SKAG by adding a group with [personal trainer in miami]. You can make it a little more granular by adding close variations. The advantage of a SKAG is to write copy that matches perfectly the search intention, as only one keyword is going to trigger the ad. 

The insight for your keyword research will make it easier to decide the ad copy and options for headlines to be tested, as well as the negative keywords you should add to your account.

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