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Data beats Jones Blair

“Data beats opinion.” This sentence is one of the main mantras at Google and a fundamental way to approach business decisions. Bringing this mantra to the table leaves no room to speculation or guessing. It is also the most important lesson from the Jones Blair case study: organize your data, play with your numbers, know your customers and your market, then make decisions.

“Data beats opinion” was true in the 1980s, when the case study is set — and is even truer today. Recent research shows that 61% of consumers believe that brands aren’t using their personal information intelligently or thoughtfully to predict their needs; 68% say that brands don’t make them feel like an individual. 

More than ever, using data to get insights into customers and their motivation is key to success. If you don’t want to become the next Jones Blair wondering where to go and what to do, remember that data beats opinion.

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