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Color Associations and Display Network Ads

Display Ads are a great complement to Search campaigns. They can be part of a remarketing strategy, targeting users in over 2 million websites that are part of the Google Display Network. They are also an excellent platform for branding, with a cheaper CPC than Search. 

Relevant and compelling messages and CTAs are usually the focus of marketers when creating Display campaigns. But an element that cannot be overlooked are the images. The primary step here is following Google’s guidelines. The next step is to make sure that your image will bulletproof your ad, so it is not just one more in the crowd.

Color awareness can be a compelling starting point to make your ad stand out. In the book Visual Design, Jim Krause writes a chapter on this topic. He alerts about the need for designers to “open up your brain to the possibility of using color in unorthodox and innovative ways to convey ideas and emotions to the viewers.” 

When it comes to color associations, the palettes you choose for your images can have a significant influence on the number of clicks for Display Ads.

Trust your eye and your creative instinct to guide you to the exact incarnation of each color of any palette you build,” Krause advises. 

Neil Patel also brings up this topic through the optic of psychology. Although cultural differences can interfere with how your audience reacts to colors, most North American consumers are affected the same way.

Check the image to get suggestions on how colors can complement your Display Ad. If you are at a loss as to where to start, try A/B testing Display ads using images with different palettes of colors and see what the results tell you.


For more information:
Visual Design, by Jim Krause on Amazon.
Read the GoodReads reviews.

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