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I graduated as a journalist to fulfill my endless curiosity and to always keep learning. I found my calling in the idea of combining the creative and research skills of journalism with the strategic thinking of digital marketing.
I am specialized in digital marketing content, localization, and search marketing and I have worked for companies like Amazon and

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When I fell in love with SEO, keyword stuffing was a legit strategy and George W. Bush was fighting "Google Bombs".


Paid search ads are one of the most overlooked digital strategies and I love to explore the possibilities within it.


Analytics is what makes the digital world go round. Finding insights from data is hard but addicting.

Content Strategy

Copywriting, copyediting, localization, UX, A/B tests... there are no limits when it comes to creating content.

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The exciting opportunity of Customer Experience (CX).

Customer experience (CX) should be at the center of every marketing strategy. And the market is starting to realize the power of CX. The Annual Digital Trends Report, organized by Econsultancy and Adobe, showed a […]

Why good content is still the best marketing strategy.

In early May, the Pulitzer Prize winners for 2020 were announced, and there was a big surprise among them. This American Life won the very first Pulitzer Prize ever given to audio reporting. The program […]

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